Salttie  beta

Micro blogging fueled by bitcoin on the lightning network.

Lightning Network Authentication

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What is Salttie?

Salttie is a demonstration of the power of the bitcoin lightning network. While most social media companies collect information on their users and sell this data to third parties, Salttie goes direct to the user to charge small amounts for micro transactions in order to use the service.

How much does Salttie cost?

We charge simply by usage. To make a post of up to 180 charcters is simply 100 Sats while replying to a post is 300 Sats.

Am I limited to 180 characters?

The amounts above are the charge for the first 180 characters. If you want to use more you can make your post up to 400 characters for an additional charge. After the first 180, post are an additional 1 Sat per character (over 180) and replies are 3 Sats per character (over 180).

Is Salttie a full featured micro blogging platform?

Hardly, this is an experimental site and with only one developer running this as a side project, I don't have a ton of time. The more use the project gets the more I'll focus on it of course but my goal is to demonstrate how powerful the Lightning network can be. If Salttie takes off and becomes popular, even better!

Can I request an update/help out the project?

Sure, I'd love your help! reach out to me at adlee83 on Salttie or Twitter.